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“Drumstick” is also known as "Moringa" and "Saragava" and "Sahajan" across different parts of the world. As we know moringa itself is very beneficial, but its leaves are also much more beneficial.

Moringa leaves have anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties, so they have been used in many medicines and herbal medicines for years. Moringa leaf juice is useful for the treatment of liver diseases, blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol management. So its use in the world as “Energy Drinks” and "Natural Nutritional Food Supplement" are prevalent.

Moringa Leaves contains three times more Vitamin-A than Carrots, five times more calcium than milk, three times more protein than yogurt, four times more potassium than bananas, twenty times more iron than spinach, and four times more fiber than oats.

STR Moringa Leaves Powder can be easily used :

  • by mixing it in plain or hot water, optionally add honey according to your taste.
  • with fruit juice, green juice, sauces/chutny and Dal-Sabji.
  • by sprinkling on top of fresh salad, roasted or boiled vegetables and pasta.

 (one teaspoon, min. 3gms, once or twice a day can be used)

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