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  • Zero Gravity – Effective Weightlessness Astronauts, surprisingly, don’t talk much about zero gravity
  • They mean effective in a specific, scientific way.
  • The stress and strain that your body was feeling.
  • It would be effective in making you feel like a million dollars, like an angel on wings.
  • Zero gravity massage chairs are growing in popularity.


  • The zero gravity feature is specifically ideal for people suffering from: a bad back spinal condition
  • CAREFIT ZeroG-RoboPremium Chair is equipped with SL Track which is a curved track that follows the sinusoidal curve of the spine with an extension of the S-track that reaches all the way to the top of the hamstrings.
  • Both Back Rollers & Foot Rollers are present in this chair for an effective full body massage.
  • This massage chair can move the rollers along the track either up and down, or left and right as well as moving in and out of the massage chair (three dimensions), which can provide a deeper massage than other cheap massage chairs.

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