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Carefit-3500 Bed Main Features/Functions/Benefits:

  •  Enhance the basic metabolic rate for burn more excess body fats
  •  Promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage system
  •  Accelerate removal of toxic metabolic waste from the body
  • SEE-SAW function to adjust for everyone with best comfirt & smoothness of its kind
  • Provide complement treatments to pains on neck, shoulder, back and waist, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, insomnia and so on.
  • Boost our immune system and Relieve the tension and pain caused by stressful works and improper posture.
  • Suitable for the most common health problems The jade projector is ergonomically designed to fit any part of your body to maximize the effect of Eastern moxibustion.
  • Heat and far infrared rays are designed to be delivered to the target area with minimal loss.
  • The unmatched designed high quality Aluminium (*Plastic rail in other beds) guide rail minimizes friction between internal floodlight and rail and generates almost no noise.
  • The rail can support even heavy loads very easily.

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