Mindfuel's beautiful Rhymes and Bal Geet Book- B for children Rhymes book - bal geet book for kids in english - nursery rhymes book - preschool poem book - rhymes for 2 to 5 years- kids book [Paperback] Mindfuel's


Nursery rhymes are the perfect first stories for kids. When read aloud, they strengthen a kid's ability to hear sounds in words. They help children to develop language and communication skills from an early age. Rhymes Books for kids English Nursery Rhyme wherein every book comprises of various Rhymes . The Rhymes in these books are carefully selected and are a part of the local, popular culture in the English speaking countries. Nursery Rhymes helps kids absorb Rhymes and Songs quickly, with minimum efforts and great enthusiasm. The size of the book is non-traditional which is smaller than the ordinary size of rhyme books. This book consists of popular rhymes as follows: -Rain, Rain -Humpty Dumpty -Mary Had a Little Lamb, etc. Nursery Rhymes has been scrupulously visualised & illustrated to explain rhymes in the easiest way and captures as many elements from the text as possible. It comprises of popular rhymes as follows: -Cobbler, Cobbler -Pussy-Cat -Jingle Bells, etc. Nursery Rhymes constitutes of rhymes that promote a feel-good factor and deliberately avoid a culture of disharmony among impressionable minds. This book comprises of some carefully selected popular rhymes as follows: -Ten Little Fireman -Old MacDonald -Little Drops of Rain, etc. We're sure that this power-packed combo of Rhymes would get kids curious and upbeat about comprehending the English language at its best.

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