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Satyamani Natural Black Pine Resin Incense is the life-blood of the tree, healing its wounds and inflictions and protecting it against infection. In short, resin repairs, protects and heals. When burned, these precious resins emit a holy smoke and beautiful fragrance that is known to clear negative energies, connect us with the higher consciousness and spiritual realms and surround us with high vibrations. They are also used to heal, balance and protect our physical and energetic bodies. Sacred to the Native Americans for its healing properties and rich, pungent and clearing smoke pine resin is a great way to clear a space. When burned, pinion energetically creates a peaceful and inviting environment. It s also used to clear and balance one s aura and energy field. It s commonly used in healing ceremonies and invokes clairvoyance, compassion and spiritual strength. How to burn resin: Fill incense bowl or plate with at least 2" of Sand. Light a charcoal tablet using tongs and place charcoal tablet on sand. Wait several minutes until charcoal is hot, with gray color throughout. Sprinkle a pinch or two of incense resin directly on top of the hot charcoal. The incense will begin to smoke and release a fragrant aroma. Keep Out of Reach of Children. Celtic Blend is a unique and popular recipe that brings together multi-coloured frankincense, myrrh, benzoin, & lavender. Used in sacred, protection, and purifying rituals. This fine resin incense is packed in a stay-fresh tin with a clear window top. It contains a generous 16 grams portion of resin and is the finest, most select quality available.

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