Multi purpose car vehicle use multi tray laptop tray for can be used while traveling in a car easy and quick to set up super thin yet light and strong foldable, so you can carry it anywhere without hassle structured suitable for any size of laptop made up of hard plastic fiber multifunctional, can be mounted on steering wheel, passenger seat and back seat can be used as a desk, providing a convenient place for notebooks, food, drinks etc. Thickness is only 4cm after it is returned to the upright position against the seat back easy installation and adjustable angle, will fit all steering wheels and car seats.
1.Wide range of uses: for most models of cars.
2.The side increase the new drawer-type mouse tray.
3.Can be folded, folded after the thickness of the table is less than 3cm, do not take up interior space.
4.The key parts of this product is folding site. Unique folding, but also make the product installed simply, easy to use.
5.Suitable for car travel, business office, leisure, but also very suitable for travel with their own car. It is driving out business, tourism, leisure essential supplies.
6.Easy to place items on the table, can serve as a computer desk, dining table. Can also be written on the table, taking notes, widely use, apply to any style of car.

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