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Be safe, than sorry! Special Extinguishing Formula to impregnate around minor fires whatever their cause, so as to avoid flame expansion or spreading of the flame and also helpful to extinguish minor flames.

Specialty & Features:

1. Non TOXIC

2. Environmentally safe

3. Ozone Friendly

4. Portable & Handy

5. A must for every Car, House Hold , Office, Train, Air, Boat, Emergency Services, Trekking & Holidaying etc.

6. Can be kept in the bottle Holder of your Automobile easily, shelves etc (OR) can also be fixed on the walls of Automobiles, Homes & Offices using the stand provided along with the container.

7. Helpful in training to handle during emergency situations. Children should be trained thoroughly & strictly under adult supervision.

8. Quantity NET. 500 ml

How to use, safety & precautions of use.

1. Spray directly on the base of flames.

2. If initial application does not completely extinguish fire, Call your local emergency number or fire department.

3. Be careful with electric installations.

4. Content is under pressure i.e. it is pressured packed. So Do Not punch / break, Do Not try to puncture, Do Not burn the container anytime.

5. Protect from direct sun rays and do not expose to a temperatures above 50 degree C.

6. Keep out of reach of children.

7. Keep away from source of ignition. Dispose the container safely after use as per the local safely & disposal standards.

8. Legal Disclaimer: Please thoroughly refer & comply with your local safety standards & legal guidelines for usage, storage & disposing of this product. Kindly Note: Returns shall be promptly accepted only if the items delivered are different from what has been ordered or if the items received are damaged during shipments. This item is a Non returnable item. Images are for representation purposes only.

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