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Dr.Copper (Pack of 2) Copper Glass Set (300 ml, Copper)


Dr. Copper Copper Glass Set of 2 Pieces(300 ML Each), Drinkware & Serveware, Good Health Benefits: Copper is an ancient material that is being used from the historic period, but in recent times many have revamped their kitchen with stainless steel material. Dr. Copper gave the new idea of copper in the regular household utensils as an alternative to clay pots. Dr. Copper has recently introduced 300ml glass set made of copper. It is very useful in drinking water. It is more comfortable and easy to clean. The durability is longer than stainless steel glass. The antibacterial property in copper helps in killing the micro bacteria in our body. The copper stored water is very good for health in this way. Also, protects from varied health risks such as cancer, bone problems, arthritis, knee pain, aesthetically prevents obesity, melanin production, early onset of puberty, prevents cell damage and slows down the aging process. In immune aspect, copper improves immunity and gives a speedy wound healing and relishes your freshness. Copper keeps away bacterial (E. Coli, staphylococcal diseases) growth under control to maintain your health in good condition. While considering hormonal disorders thyroid problem has become a major threat for many young folks. This copper keeps thyroid under control and regulates the thyroid mechanism. Dr. Copper glass can be used to store water for 4 to 6 hours in a day and entire night, if you drink that water the copper ions mix in the water. This improves your immunity. Your immune is our response.

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